Introducing pxmo
With pxmo, creating compelling proposals has never been easier - or more enjoyable. Get started now!
  • Digital & Interactive

    See you in the cloud. Every proposal you create is hosted online and mobile responsive. Clients can accept your proposals and even make payment without ever leaving the page.

  • Intuitive & Visual

    Designers need not apply. Create like a pro with pxmo's simple yet powerful interface. Bye bye complicated editing tools, design grids and stressful colour-matching decisions.

  • Tailored by Industry

    Who says you can't cut corners? pxmo comes equipped with custom templates & powerful integrations to perfectly fit your needs and save you time

  • Real-Time & Informative

    Give up the guessing games. pxmo lets you know the moment something important happens (or doesn't happen). When your proposal gets the nod you'll hear about it.

  • Made for Teams

    It's more fun with mates. Work seamlessly and in real-time with your team. Keep everyone in sync, and every change safe - no matter big or small.

  • Actionably Insightful

    Watch and learn. See how your prospective clients view and interact with your proposals. Refine & optimise your content based on what sells.

* Not all features will be available during initial beta release
Built for you

Tailored for
your industry

  1. HR & Recruitment
  2. Building & Construction
  3. IT & Security
  4. Events & Venue Services
  5. Marketing & Branding
  6. Financial Services
  7. Tourism & Travel

Building & Construction

Create and send tailored, professional-looking online quotes to your clients in minutes. No more clunky word documents or unreliable email attachments.

IT & Security

What better way to showcase speed, security and technical innovation to prospective clients than with high-quality interactive online proposals.

Events & Venue Services

Cater to clients of all kinds with customised and visually engaging online proposals ready in minutes. Let your expertise and track record shine through like never before with pxmo.

Marketing & Branding

Ignite the spark with beautiful interactive online proposals that capture both attention and imagination. Tell your story using pre-built layouts and integrations created to convert.

Financial Services

Cut through with visually impactful and intuitive online proposals your clients can't ignore. Create magic in minutes using custom templates and integrations built for the finance industry.



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Powerful collaboration

The more the merrier,with pxmo.

Whether working alone or as part of a 15-person sales or marketing team, pxmo is for you. Enjoy seamless collaboration across prospects, projects and individual documents. Assign user permissions individually, and take part in team discussions without leaving the platform or switching to Slack or email.

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Tuned for performance

Slash your time & effort, not your price. Start delivering impactful, interactive proposals that are too good to refuse.


Faster creation

Forget your clunky Word and Powerpoint templates.


More efficient delivery

Send your proposals instantly with a single click.


Better organisation

Access all your proposals from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

* Based on proposal creation and delivery using pxmo, compared with traditional word processor and email platforms
Create with modules

Design like a pro. Deliver like a boss.

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Text moduleImage galleryQuote module

Text module

Choose from pre-formatted text styles & headings that look great and display perfectly on every device. No more time consuming and fiddly text formatting - just great looking content in a flash.

Image gallery

Upload one or multiple images in a snap using a simple drag and drop interface. Choose from a range of different layout options to make sure every image looks just right, no matter the shape or size.

Quote module

Generating tailored project costings couldn’t be easier with a highly flexible quote module. Simply set up your inventory, add in specific project requirements, and let pxmo do the rest.


Appreciation for pxmo

Kate Hemat-Siraky, Director, Zest People

We've been trialling pxmo and our team is very impressed with the modules and features. In particular the Collaboration options are fantastic for our remotely dispersed team.

  • On-demand demo & 24h support
  • Uptime backed by AWS
  • Serious about security & privacy